This website has been created to provide information relating to the site at Lower Lane, Berry Hill
During 2014 a planning application for the Lower Lane site, was made and was subsequently refused by FODDC. This was taken to Appeal by Gladman, however before the appeal gave its judgement, the application was called in by the Secretary of State, and subsequently refused.
However, this was not the end of the application, as Gladman went to the High Court, the Secretary of State was instructed by the court to reconsider, which resulted in his previous refusal overturned, thus allowing the building of 180 houses on this site.
Conditions were specified by the Secretary of State, which the subsequent builders 'Barratts' had to adhere to.
These condition can be found here:-
SECRETARY OF STATE - Conditions imposed on development
The current situation is that the conditions imposed by the Secretary of State are being presented on a gradual basis by Barratts and reviewed by Forest of Dean Council Planning.
Most conditions have been accepted by the council
Work had started on clearing the site.